What we do:

We are specialists in installation of Glazed Facades, maintenance and replacement of windows, metal and stone facades!!! Cornelius UK Ltd is No 1 external facade installer in UK!

Facade installations

Installation of different types of cladding, curtain wall system, single and double glazed system, shop fronts, atriums, GRC and metal panels facades, high performance rainscreen cladding system, canopies and link bridges.

Planed maintenance of glazing systems

We provide solutions by offering repair and replacement of window systems, doors, locks, metal facades and louver systems.

Window cleaning

Our cleaning contracts range from small residential blocks through to large commercial, high rise and corporate office buildings. Our access cleaning methods include cradles, rope access, cherry pickers, traditional ladders and safety harnesses.

DLR & LU platform installation

We have gained a lot of experience and competence in installation of DLR and LU platforms, applying different types of silicones and offering flexibility completing our tasks out of normal working hours.

Glass replacement

We supply trained operatives and high performance plant and access equipment on the best quotes in London for domestic and commercial buildings.

Precast stone installations

Our skilled teams have experience in installation of a large variety of high grade precast stone panels for different types of buildings. We have successfully completed projects with best rates for our clients.

Specialists in all aspects of glazing systems!

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