Croydon County Court

Croydon County Court

   This project is located in Croydon. The refurbished building consists of 1441 sq.m of curtain wall, doors and louver system. The level of skilled human resources on this project peaked at 32 operatives.

      Description of refurbishment works:
  •   Replacement of existing windows and doors with modern curtain wall system
  •   Making good of internal finishes
  •   Replacement of existing louver system with new one
  •   Additional insulation of glazed façade
  •   Rooflights system
  •       IRATA Technicians were used for installation of glass steel frames, silicone and Cleaning of the building.

    Published on: 2013 December
    Main Contractor: Lend Lease

    Specialists in all aspects of glazing systems!

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