De Vere Gardens

De Vere Gardens

Building description:    Located on the site of the former Kensington Park and Kensington Palace Thistle hotels, the scheme will provide two new seven-storey buildings, both with a penthouse suite, and one five-storey block incorporating retained façades

     Main Installation Cladding:

  •   Installation Bronze Windows –Block A [BM-Level 5, east + west].
  •   Installation Bronze Sliding Doors- block A- double sliding doors, fixed glazing screen level 1-5.
  •   Installation Bronze Sliding Doors- Block C- Double Sliding Doors, GF-Level 5.
  •   Waterproofing and fire stopping installation.
  •   Silicone works.
  •   Cleaning and protection the cladding.
  • Published on: 2013 MARCH
    Main Contractor: Sir Robert  McALPINE

    Specialists in all aspects of glazing systems!

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